Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is it that time of year already?

I have been thinking of a wish list for what I would like Saint Nicholas to bring me.... since I am a scratch builder I am liking things like wooden crafting sticks,dowels anything balsa or basswood would be great! One can never have too many exacto blades! Or cutting disks for a dremel tool. Superglues and wood glues are also very high on my list. I use Valejo mini paint and usually I like the drab military like colorschemes. Currently I am in love with anything Frostgrave! As far as minis go I like em all! Steampunk,fantasy, Pulp! I dont really game any of the World Wars tho. So thats it! Santa if you can hear me please take a look and see what you can whip up!
                                                                                                    Thank You
                                                                                                           Your Friend,

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