Friday, October 30, 2015

There is a new lizard wizard in town!

The city was almost silent,only the dripping of melting ice and the occasional foot fall shuffling thru snow could be heard. Hashtis the wizard motioned his warband forward......
His reptilian senses alert and far reaching he spied about the ruins. With a look to his apprentice they set their well trained plans into motion.
Glennary the treasure hunter and Farkwa the thief silently moved forward.The wizard distrusted most humans. He had good reason too. However these few men he had hired owed him big. Truth be told they owed there very lives to him. He knew these two would protect his right flank and he hoped they would discover some treasure.
The apprentice Lash moved his section forward. The knight Sir Galabad and his trusty man at arms Septus were ever alert for trouble.
Gard the Marksman took up a fine position on the ruined battlements. His skillful eyes searching for a target. He knew he would not have to wait long.
"There! Movement! What manner of creatures were these? No matter they would have to be dealt with.
He watched and waited for them to come into range. He wouldn't have to wait long. They seemed to be everywhere!
An apprentice darts into site for a second and is then swallowed up buy the enormity of the ruined city.

This was no normal wandering scavenger group! A barbarian and two trained war dogs meant serious trouble. The assassin breathed deeply. "It was going to be a long day!"

Hashtis sends the other treasure hunter, the dark skinned Bula Ki to investigate the street corner. He is warned to stay under cover. Alas the treasure hunter exposes himself and is fried for his troubles!

One of the mouselings spies something glittery and ascends the walkway cautiously!
Yet another team climbs the stairs in search of even more loot.
There wizard and his bodyguard!
The team led by the apprentice Lash finds themselves confronted by the mouling wizard and his knightly friend. Septus charged the magical minion hissing in his reptilian fury!
HAving seized the treasure the female mouseling drags her prize down slowly!
Yet another pile of riches falls into the hands of these greedy mammalians.
The archer Ashlap is accosted by the barbarian and his backup! Ashlap holds his own inflicting a grievous wound on the barbarian.
Success! Farkwa seizes a treasure after a perilous climb to the top of the tower.
Peering over the edge he sees Hashtis use his magic to move other treasure into the waiting hands of his troops.
Add another one to the count!
Ashap still lives after killing the barbarian he only has the backup to contend with.
After killing the mouseling knight the apprentice and his own knight give chase to the wizardly mouse who uses magic to Leap away!
Hashtis watches as the last treasure is taken from the battlefield. He signals a withdrawal and counts his losses. He lost both of his humans. No great loss there. It will cost him gold to replace them but after all they are expendable. He retrieved three piles of treasure so all in all it was a good day. Now back to his base in the library to count it!

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