Sunday, July 5, 2015

The road to Sleepy Hollow

Back in 2011 I started a whole new facet to my gaming. Having spent over thirty years as an RPG guy I delved into skirmish wargaming. It seemed fun and I just happened to get introduced into a genre that I found fascinating! A friend got me a copy of GASLIGHT and from there I was off to the proverbial races! Victorian Science Fiction! It was indeed a heady time and I wanted to show you what kinds of things I had created "back in the day!" Needless to say it was all done in 1/72 scale minis! They were cheap and plentiful. But I was itching to get into even smaller battles. I wanted bigger minis and most important , I wanted minis with style! I then decided that 28mm was my best option. I thought about 15mm but at that time I was just in love with the huge selection of minis out there! So basically I just wanted to show you a small sample of where I was and maybe explain how I got from there to here.
My first crafting! The gunboat HMS Margretta!
A US Cavalry Swamp Walker!
Atlantean Dino Riders!

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