Saturday, July 4, 2015

I have a blog? It seems laughable that someone who has a Youtube Channel and thinks he knows everything about social media would not know he had a blog available! Well...I have one available and since I have this space I figured I may as well use it. As this is my first entry let me explain what this will be about. Gaming! Miniatures! Scratchbuilding! ...and did I mention gaming? When most people think of gaming they ordinarily have a vision of two or more people sitting around playing some sort of game. Well I am not that lucky. I don't have anyone near me who games so I didn't let that stop me. I am a solo wargamer! There are many like me (sadly) but I have always read in gaming rules that a good relationship with one's opponent is vital. Sportsmanship and all that goes with it depends on playing with like minded and cool people! Playing solo completely solves the issue of finding others to share in the gaming experience. That brings me to Sleepy Hollow! Originally I started this project as a way to relieve stress and relax. It has since become an obsession. In a good way of course! I find myself constantly shifting from genre to genre and I came to the realization that the only people I needed to please were..well you get the picture!

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